A Place to Begin – A Place to Return To

Gentle shaking (standing comfortably, bending my knees slightly, and allowing my body to gently move down and up) forms the first movements of my Yi Ren® Qigong practice. Closing my eyes, finding just the right place for my feet and my posture, and gently beginning to shake my body up and down is how I begin my Yi Ren® Qigong practice.
Gentle shaking is simple, straightforward, and fun. I encourage practitioners to use gentle shaking as a way to release tension from the day, return to your body, be curious about yourself, and explore how your qi feels in the moment.

Do you feel tension in a particular area of your body? Does a particular area within your body really feel relaxed and alive? Is your mind able to quiet just a bit more as you prepare for practice?

Ten years ago, as I was simultaneously drawn to develop a personal practice and daunted by the concept of a personal practice, shaking is where I started. Gentle shaking is simple. Starting out, I knew it was something I’d always be able to do.

To this day, I continue to rely on shaking as a foundational element of my practice. Some days – especially when I feel resistant to practice – I find that by beginning with gentle shaking movements, I am able to open up all sorts of possibilities. Before I know it, I’ve been practicing for well over an hour.

Some times, I find myself pausing during practice – not quite sure what the next movement will be.  In these moments, I’ve learned to simply return to gentle shaking.  As I shake, I release myself from thought; allow myself to simply be with my gentle shaking; and in time, my body naturally flows to a new movement.

In just a few days, I will begin teaching a Yi Ren® Qigong Level I course. I’m already looking forward to beginning class with gentle shaking movements.

One comment on “A Place to Begin – A Place to Return To
  1. Dreama says:

    I love that you do the shaking exercise to move yourself into and throughout your practice. It makes sense to me, as someone who loves ritual. I could see where the hypnotic movement of that exercise could lead me into the natural flow of practice. Thank you!

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