Welcome! Established in September 2014, this blog shares reflections on my Yi Ren® Qigong practice. Dialog is welcome.

A Place to Begin – A Place to Return To

Gentle shaking (standing comfortably, bending my knees slightly, and allowing my body to gently move down and up) forms the first movements of my Yi Ren® Qigong practice. Closing my eyes, finding just the right place for my feet and my posture, and gently beginning to shake my body up and down is how I begin my Yi Ren® Qigong practice.
Gentle shaking is simple, straightforward, and fun. I encourage practitioners to use gentle shaking as a way to release tension from the day, return to your body, be curious about yourself, and explore how your qi feels in the moment.

Do you feel tension in a particular area of your body? Does a particular area within your body really feel relaxed and alive? Is your mind able to quiet just a bit more as you prepare for practice?

Ten years ago, as I was simultaneously drawn to develop a personal practice and daunted by the concept of a personal practice, shaking is where I started. Gentle shaking is simple. Starting out, I knew it was something I’d always be able to do.

To this day, I continue to rely on shaking as a foundational element of my practice. Some days – especially when I feel resistant to practice – I find that by beginning with gentle shaking movements, I am able to open up all sorts of possibilities. Before I know it, I’ve been practicing for well over an hour.

Some times, I find myself pausing during practice – not quite sure what the next movement will be.  In these moments, I’ve learned to simply return to gentle shaking.  As I shake, I release myself from thought; allow myself to simply be with my gentle shaking; and in time, my body naturally flows to a new movement.

In just a few days, I will begin teaching a Yi Ren® Qigong Level I course. I’m already looking forward to beginning class with gentle shaking movements.

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A Journey Begun

One of my favorite aspects of embarking on any journey is the anticipation that something magical might happen, at an ordinary and unexpected point along the way…For me, the trick – and often the challenge – has always been to allow myself to be open to possibilities.
Once, while traveling abroad, I realized I was at the wrong train station – the correct train station was across town – with less than twenty minutes to spare. This led to a frenetic and forever memorable taxi ride (and yes, I caught the train, but just barely…).

If, at any point during my first three years of practicing Yi Ren® qigong, anyone had suggested that this practice would develop into a life-long passion for me, I’m pretty certain I would have had my doubts.

Yes, I loved attending class. Yes, I enjoyed the community of fellow practitioners. Yes, I was starting to understand a handful of movements to the point that I could practice them without my notes.

And yet… I was overwhelmed at the concept that I might ever succeed at knowing more than a small handful of movement s; and I had yet to develop anything remotely close to a personal practice.

Fortunately, I was completely unconscious of any potential for developing a life-time passion for this practice. Instead, I simply kept registering for classes, kept practicing to the best of my abilities, and started creating treasured memories, many of which I plan to share in future blog posts.

Even with more than ten years of practice, I am still a bit nervous about starting a blog.  Yes, I am excited to see my journey unfolding in a new direction. Yes, this feels like an essential component of my own growth.  And yet… I am certain there will be unexpected bumps in the road.
As I start to type the final words of my inaugural post, my stomach is starting to tingle.  A sense of the magical unknown – as well as a joyous sense of anticipation – are both present.  The path ahead feels like an odd mix of the unknown and the just right, which sounds like just the right mix for something magical to happen … as long as I am open to the possibilities.

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